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So, how badass are you?

It's a fast, fun, and funny game of one-ups-manship and backstabbing which asks the question: How Badass are you?

You know that one scene in every zombie movie where the heroes are scrambling to arm themselves for the approaching undead horde, sawing off their shotguns or sharpening their pitchforks? This game is all about that scene.

But it's not enough just to have a weapon; it's got to be a badass weapon. Why settle for a Pool Cue, when you can make a Laser­Guided Pool Cue? You like your Fire Axe, but you'll love your Gas­Powered Fire Axe!

But it's not very satisfying to face off against the walking dead with a badass weapon if your companions have even more badass weapons. I mean, what does that look like?

This is a game of one­ups­manship and sabotage, of ridiculous weaponry and bad attitudes.

  • Non­collectible card game – all you need is one deck
  • Designed by Lee Garvin (creator of Tales From The Floating Vagabond)
  • Gorgeously illustrated by Anthony Cournoyer
  • A fast­playing game, taking between 15 and 30 minutes for a typical game
  • Easy to learn
  • Multiple endings make for maximum replayability
  • Watch for new expansion sets on the way!

Fast-flinging Card-game fun for 2-6 players.

Ages 12+

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Badass Zombie Killers
Card Game
ZombiePlague Booster Shot
Expansion Pack

Zombie Attack Pack
Expansion Pack
National Guard Armory Raid
Expansion Pack
Motor Pool Party
Expansion Pack
Errata Pack 1

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Promo Pack 1-2

Available Exclusively thru DriveThruCards

Go Get it!
Z1 - A Bunch of Badasses
$2.99 | $1.49 (pdf)

Z2 - Zombie Horde

$2.99 | $1.49 (pdf)

Z3 - Even More Badassery
$2.99 | $1.49 (pdf)

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