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The Game of Absolute Corruption – Revisionist History Edition

Prepare for a unique role-playing experience. In Control, players take on the roles of men and women investigating a world-spanning conspiracy. Characters can be created in less than five minutes, using an exciting system of "qualities."

The gamemaster (or Controler) can create any conspiracy he can imagine with Control’s build system—from ancient supernatural forces playing their games on the world stage, to corrupt politicians manipulating the stock market, to alien cover-ups and abductions.

But the most unusual feature is the ability of the players to not only investigate and infiltrate, but to take over! When a player character becomes powerful enough, they can challenge the Controler for dominance of the game, thereby becoming the gamemaster themselves. It is an unprecedented game of RPG king-of-the-hill!

NOTE: This is for the all-new Revisionist History Edition, or Edition Zero Point Five.

It’s All About Control: Who’s Got It, Who Wants It, And Who Will You Kill For It.

Cynical Roleplaying for 2 or more players.

For Mature Players

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Control: The Game of Absolute Corruption
$12.99 | $6.49 (pdf)

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