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Free Comic Book Day
at Beyond Comics

The nice folks at Beyond Comics are celebrating Free Comic Book Day along with me and Daniel Corsetto, Rafer Roberts, Monical Gallagher, and Steve Younkins, and many more surprises!

Come by and try out some of our games with me!


Products now at Game Parlor

Hey! Here is something of interest to Tales From The Floating Vagabond fans (and some others).

Game Parlor in Chantilly, VA is the very first FLGS to have these new items on their shelves (to get them on your FLGS's shelves, pester them until they get them!)

The first in-print TF2V product to be released in advance of the new edition of the rules is also the first adventure in the Lost Weekend series, which is a line of GM-Less adventures designed by Post World Games. This one is The Barkeeper's Joyride.

Also seen in the pictures: The Campaign Primer and the Abregar, Matchenck, and Drega Race Books for the Dravakor Campaign Setting.

And everybody say "Hi!" and "Thanks!" to Craig and Julie of Game Parlor!