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So much adventure, it's just stupid!

Tales From The Floating Vagabond is the classic comedy role-playing game that answers the question: What do adventurers do when they're not adventuring?

Well, it turns out they drink. A lot. At a bar at the center of the universe, connected to everywhere in the multiverse. For time-traveling, galaxy-spanning, world-hopping fun, The Floating Vagabond is the place.

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Roleplaying fun for 2 or more players.

Ages 13+

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Tales From The Floating Vagabond,
2nd Edition

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Bartender's Screen

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Series 1:

The Barkeeper's Joyride

Series 2:

Over The Top Secret

Set 1

Floating Vagabond Regulars

Set 4

Cybernetic Sociopaths

Set 7

Space Nazis & Thugs

Set 10

Action Stereotypes

Set 13

A Vault of Various Vile Villains

Set 2

A Bunch of Bad Guys

Set 5

Spandex-Wearing Weirdos

Set 8

Cultists & Suits

Set 11

Sci-Fi Stereotypes

Set 14

The Long Appendage of the Reality Corps

(Coming Soon!)
Set 3

Spaaaaacce Pirates!!

Set 6

Pan-Dimensional Heroes

Set 9

Fantasy Stereotypes

Set 12

A Fistfull of Good Guys

Character Sheet

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