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Ludicrous Adventure in a Universe Whose Natural Laws Are Out To Lunch!

Play the Classic pan-dimensional, multi-genre, low-comedy action-adventure, over-hyphenated game that completely wowed this one guy named Dave or Dan or something... You know, he was at that place... always wore a shirt? I got nothin'.

Seriously, though, this is the only way to get the original without sacrificing a kitten or paying an arm and half-a-leg on eBay.

If you are looking for the re-release of Tales From The Floating Vagabond,
please follow this link.


All 'Classics' products are available to buy as PDFs and print your own.

Tales From The Floating Vagabond
1st Edition
Orginal Rules
$6.99 (pdf)
Bar Wars
$6.99 (pdf)
Bar Wars
Bartender's Screen
$.99 (pdf)
BarFly Bundle
Core Rules
Bar Wars Suppliment
Bartender's Screen
$13.49 (pdf)
The Reich Stuff
$6.99 (pdf)

The Cosmic Paternity Suit
$6.99 (pdf)
The Adventure With No Name
$6.99 (pdf)

Where's George?
Hypercad 54, Where Are You?
$6.99 (pdf)

Character Sheet